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Hand-Dyed Yarns

All skeins are dyed by hand. This means that there can be variations between skeins. Please note that colors may show differently on different bases.

Micro Speckles

We use powdered pigments and the dye crystals can break during setting. Also note that most colours are semi-solids because we can’t guarantee that yarns are completely solid when hand-dyed.

Alternating Skeins

When using hand-dyed yarns, we always recommend alternating skeins for better color distribution in case there are variations.


It’s always better to hand wash knitted items in cold water, with a mild wool wash such as Eucalan. You can then lay flat to dry or block to size.

Superwash wool can go in the machine but if you can, wash by hand.

Dye baths

We dye our yarns in small quantities at a time, so colorways may change slightly. We always use the same recipe for a specific colorway but some factors can affect the result, such as the hardness of the water; the heat; the lot of the dyes. That’s why it’s important to try and buy enough skeins for the project you want to make.

Dyeing method

Most of our colors are created with multiple layers of dye, which means some colors take longer to achieve. The color is set in water, then we let the skeins cool before rinsing and “cooking” them to make sure that the colour is really set. Finally, the skeins are all rinsed again.

While we ensure that all colours are set we recommend that you put a little bit of vinegar in the water when you first soak your project. We also take care to reskein every skein for two reasons: to ensure that the colours are visually spread better and to ensure that you can wind them easily.

On-screen colors

The color of the yarn sen may vary between screens (eg Mac or PC). Photos are taken to give the best idea of the actual color, but there may be a slight difference between the color seen on screen and the one received.

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