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Rainbow Sweater + hat (0-24 months) [french]

Difficulty: easy-medium.

Knit it in Phildar Phil Coton 3  (100% cotton) for a summer kit that is easy to wash, or in Drops Baby Merino (100% superwash merino).

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dress (birth-18 months) [French]

Difficulty: medium.

Make it in Baby Merino from Drops (100% superwash merino) for a soft and warm dress or in Berroco Modern Coton dk (natural mix of cotton and modal) for a soft summer version.

Rainbow Sweater + hat (0-24 months) [french]

Difficulty: easy-medium.

Knit it in Phildar Phil Coton 3  (100% cotton) for a summer kit that is easy to wash, or in Drops Baby Merino (100% superwash merino).


short-sleeve sweater [french]

Difficulty: easy-medium.

Knit this summery top in Berroco Modern Cotton dk (natural mix of cotton and modal; 306m/100g) for a silky result, or in Phildar Phil Coton 3 (100% cotton; 121m/50g). 

34/36: 4 balls colour 1 (2 skeins), 3 balls colour 2 (2 skeins)

38/40, 42/44 et 46/48: 5 balls colour 1 (2 skeins), 4 balls colour 2 (2 skeins)

50/52: 6 balls colour 1 (3 skeins), 5 balls colour 2 (2 skeins)

Coat (3-12 months) [french]

Difficulty: easy.

Knit this garter-stitch coat in Estelle Cloud Cotton (100% organic cotton, easy to wash; 150m/100g) for a soft, 4-season coat. Want a winter version? Choose Drops Big Merino (100% super wash merino; 75m/50g). 

3 months: 3 Cloud Cotton or 5 Big Merino

6 months: 3 Cloud Cotton or 6 Big Merino

12 months: 4 Cloud Cotton or 7 Big Merino


sweater with pockets [french]

Difficulty: medium

To knit this ribbed sweater with pockets and a zipper, choose Berroco Vintage (40% choose, easy to wash; 200m/100g) for a very soft sweater, or Berroco Modern Cotton (natural mix of cotton and modal; 191m/100g). 

S: 8 Vintage or Modern Cotton; M: 8 Vintage or 9 Modern Cotton;

L: 9 Vintage or Modern Cotton; XL: 9 Vintage or 10 Modern Cotton;

XXL: 10 Vintage or Modern Cotton

blue jean saturday shawl (english)

Difficulty: easy-medium

The Blue Jean Saturday shawl by O/C Knitiot is an asymmetrical shawl that is perfect to practice eyelet knitting. It can be made by knitters of almost all levels (stitches used include stitches knit together, knit through back loop, yarn overs...). Make it with our exclusive EmmaH Design hand dyed yarns or in Berroco Modern Cotton dk, even Drops Nord



girl top (2-10 years) [french]

Difficulty: easy-medium

Knit this summer top in Phildar Coton 3 or in Berroco Modern Cotton dk (natural mix of cotton and modal) for a fun and versatile result.

2 years/4 years: 3 Phil Coton or 2 Modern Cotton dk

6 years/8 ans: 4 Phil Coton or 2 Modern Cotton dk

10 years: 5 Phil Coton or 2 Modern Cotton dk

Campside (english)

Difficulty: easy-medium

The Campside shawl by Alicia Plummer is perfect to begin knitting eyelets or even practice eyelet knitting (stitches knit together, increases leaning to the right and left, stitches knit through back loop). Choose Berroco Vintage dk, Cascade Aegean Tweed, Borgo de Pazzi Prima for a warmer shawl or, for a summer option, choose King Cole Bamboo Cotton or Estelle Rainbow Confetti (gradient).

Vintage dk, Aegean Tweed, Prima, Bamboo Cotton: 3

Rainbow Confetti: 1



Two by two hat (english)

Difficulty: easy-medium

The Two by Two hat by Anne G. is perfect for practicing in-the-round knitting. Choose Berroco Vintage (40% wool), Berroco Ultra Alpaca (50% alpaca/50% péruvien wool, hand wash), Cascade 220 Merino (superwash merino) or Léttlopi (100% icelandic yarn).

Vintage, Ultra Alpaca, 220 Merino: 1

Léttlopi: 2


cabled sweater (3-24 months) [FRENCH]

Difficulty: hard

This cabled cardigan is perfect for experienced knitters or adventurous intermediate knitters. Choose Phildar Coton 3 (100% cotton), Berroco Modern Cotton DK (cotton/modal) or Drops Baby Merino (super wash merino) for a result that can be worn year-round.

3-6 mo: 3 Coton 3, 2 Modern Cotton DK, 3 Baby Merino

12-18 mo 4 Coton 3, 2 Modern Cotton DK, 3 Baby Merino

24 mo: 5 Coton 3, 2 Modern Cotton DK, 4 Baby Merino


Shawl janie by rhyflower knits (english)

Difficulty: medium

Janie by rhyFlower Knits is a delicate shawl made in a fingering yarn. The pattern is detailed row by row, and a table at the end shows how many stitches you should have at the end of each row. Make it in EmmaH Design yarns: Ouranos (80% merino), Gaïa (80% merino/10% cashmere), Galactic (85% merino), Yaksok (70% merino, 20% yak), Avalon (100% Peruvian Highland wool).

Material: 1 skein per colour or 660 yds if made in one colour.


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