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Pattern for the shawl Dark Sun. The digital file is in French, but just send us an email after buying it and we will send you the English file!


Dark Sun is an asymmetrical triangular shawl that is given an interesting shape by the play of increases and decreases. The simple eyelets and stockinette stitch make it accessible to intermediate knitters, even adventurous beginners. The pattern is detailed row by row, including the number of stitches you should have at the end of each row.


Material Needed:

359 yds C1 (EmmaH Design Avalon in Olwen)

253 yds C2 (EmmaH Design Ouranos in Erebus)

Needles US 6


Finished Size: 74,5 in. (189 cm) x 25 in. (64 cm) at deepest point

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